Aside from being a catchy headline, Lion’s Tail and Mohawk really do have a place in the ‘Terms You Should Know’ category for storm preparation. During recent presentation, Nanak’s Landscaping’s General Manager and certified Arborist, Kevin Hunt described how these terms are sometimes used by Arborists to describe pruning methods that can be harmful to hardwood and palm trees, especially during the storm season. Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions about Tree and Palm Pruning provides an energetic and informative overview of tree structure, growth patterns and exposed a few myths in tree pruning and preparing for storms.

Among others two of the myths are revealed:

Myth | Trees should be pruned to provide as much open space for the wind to blow through and prevent the tree canopy from creating a “sail” effect.

Fact |   In many cases, trees are over pruned. Trees that are over-lifted or Lion-tailed (a practice of removing foliage along the lower and interior parts of the main causing a concentration of leaves at the tips of branches.) are actually more susceptible to hurricane damage because of growing patterns. This practice can also cause long-term damage and is difficult to restore.


Myth |  Palm should pruned with a ‘hurricane-cut’ in preparation for the storm season.

Fact |  Pruning palms to the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock position (referred to as a hurricane cut or in some cases as Mohawk) cause stress and decline. Removing too much of this foliage can reduce the vigor of the plant, possibly even killing it.

The complete Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions about Tree and Palm Pruning in South Florida presentation also provides timing, fertilization and landscaping advice along with money-saving ideas that can be used during the storm season and year round.

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