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Garden Spotlight: Ixora

Ixora area a typical plant in the Florida landscape and for a good reason.

The plants possess leathery leaves, ranging from 3 to 6 inches in length. The Ixora produce massive clusters of tiny flowers that bloom year-round thanks to our tropical climate. Flowers are most often found in a coral-pink color. Red, orange, goldenrod and sometimes pale green flowers are not uncommon either. A single flower cluster can last for six
to eight weeks.

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Kevin Hunt Appointed LIAF Vice President

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Kevin Hunt Appointed as Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida Vice President

Congratulations to Kevin Hunt on being named Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida’s Vice President (Broward Chapter).

Established in 1983, the objective of the Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida (LIAF) has been to set standards for its professional members and provide education to the public involved in the industry. read more →


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Carmosa Fukien Tea Tree | Nanaks Landscape

Carmona Retusa

The Carmona Retusa (or Carmona, as we fondly call it) is often used as a bonsai, but in landscaping, it lends itself to being an excellent low-growing shrub that can be manicured.

We’ve started using the Carmona as an alternative to Ilex Vomitoria or the ‘Schilling’s Dwarf, which is a very slow grower and takes forever to fill in when planted. read more →


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South Florida Business Journal Top Landscape Companies

Nanak’s Is Named Top Landscape Company

We are proud to announce that we were named on the South Florida Business Journal’s list of top landscape companies once again. The List is compiled and published annually year by SFBJ researchers. Being included as a top revenue producing company is a read more →