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property management data nanaks

Are you an Office or Industrial Property Manager looking for comparative information to help you make decisions? BOMA International offers a  free Market Snapshot, which offers top-level income and expense data you can use to broadly assess how your property compares to others in the same market. Here is how you get it…

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South Florida Business Journal 2018 : Number 4


We are moving up!

Thanks to our team and our valuable customers, we have moved up to number 4 in the South Florida Business Journal’s List of Landscaping Companies. That shows us that we are succeeding in our goal to build an outstanding company with awesome people and exceptional results. Most of all, moving up on this list is an indicator us that we are grabbing the attention of our real estate clients and showing them true value.  We could not do that without an incredible team and we appreciate that.


Make the Grade: Understanding Florida’s Grades and Standards for Oak Trees

Florida Oak Trees Nanaks

Make the Grade: Understanding Florida’s Grades and Standards for Oak Trees

Live Oak trees are a true icon of the United States’ south with their majestic branches and Spanish moss. This quintessential shade tree has been coveted for landscaping projects throughout South Florida, but the prices have continued to rise making the Live Oak tree an expensive or, in many cases, cost-prohibitive option for landscape planning.

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Free Property Management Event


We are pleased to announce that Nanak’s has been selected as a presenting sponsors for BOMA Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches (BOMAFTLPB) Industrial Day on February 16, 2017.  read more →


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Carmosa Fukien Tea Tree | Nanaks Landscape

Carmona Retusa

The Carmona Retusa (or Carmona, as we fondly call it) is often used as a bonsai, but in landscaping, it lends itself to being an excellent low-growing shrub that can be manicured.

We’ve started using the Carmona as an alternative to Ilex Vomitoria or the ‘Schilling’s Dwarf, which is a very slow grower and takes forever to fill in when planted. read more →